For the 11th time the experts of the journal ‘Puls Medycyny’ have named the 100 most influential individuals in the Polish healthcare. In this year’s edition of the ranking Prof. H. Skarżyński holds honorable, second position. His notable achievements and significant contributions to the development of the health care in Poland assure his place in the lead of that ranking every year. First position on the List of Hundred, as last year, held Professor Marian Zembala, MD, PhD, the director of the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases. First ten positions of the ranking held mostly the practicing doctors.

The high, second position of Prof. Henryk Skarżyński rewarded not only the construction, organization and opening of the World Hearing Center, but also the entirety of the memorable events of the 2012: the first in Poland, and fourth in the world, CODACS implantation in June, first in Poland surgery of the novel hearing implant BONEBRIDGE in December. Each of these achievements was the new milestone in the development of the Polish program of treatment of hearing loss. The byword of the 2012 was ’20 years of cochlear implants in Poland’ – to commemorate the first in Poland cochlear implantation of a deaf person, performed by Prof. H. Skarżyński.

The ranking of the ‘Puls Medycyny’ has been organized from 2002 and is the most prestigious ranking of individuals who have the greatest influence on the development of Polish health care. According to the ranking bye-laws the laureates are chosen by the independent experts appointed by ‘Puls Medycyny’ from the fields of medicine and politics, healthcare managers and associations of the producers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. In this years’ edition the jury assessed the candidates proposed by the editorial office in three categories: achievements in 2012, professional reputation and public influence. The position on the list was determined by the sum of points awarded by all members of the jury.